The Top 5 Pre-Wedding Spots in Bali

As one of the most beautiful places on earth, Bali simply has too many amazing spots for pre-wedding photo sessions. From beautiful white beaches with stunning sunsets to spectacular views at the top of volcanoes, all in perfect harmony.

We have compiled the top 5 pre-wedding spots in Bali that you can’t miss.

1. Taman Ujung Water Palace

Photo credit by heymarriage

Taman Ujung Water Palace is a place with gorgeous, colourful gardens and a combination of Balinese and European architecture. The main background for pre-wedding photos is the top building. This venue has a great mountainous backdrop to its north, and sea to its southwest, making it a favourite location for pre-wedding photoshoots. The best time to take a photography session at Taman Ujung Water Palace is in the morning around 08:00 AM.

2. Tambilngan Lake

Photo credit by bps.o via Instagram

Tamblingan Lake is a great location to get dreamy, romantic atmosphere. The lake has a couple of old wooden boats that you can use as property during the photo session.

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It is best to visit early in the morning as it is most beautiful when the first hint of sunlight shines onto the glimmering waters of this lake.

3. Tegal Wangi Beach

Photo credit by carsonbudiman via Instagram

Tegal Wangi Beach features a mixture of fine white sand and rocky outcrops. It takes no more than an hour to drive from Kuta. The way the sunlight hits this peculiarly beautiful beach at all the right angles, definitely makes it a glowing recommendation for a pre-wedding photoshoot location. This is an extremely rare gem and definitely worth the visit.

4. Mount Batur

Photo credit by Sri Ferrdian via Unsplash

Mount Batur is Bali’s active volcano, situated in the area of Kintamani. There is no need to hike up the mountain, the scenic spots are located in the lowlands, at the foot of the mountain. It offers a unique backdrop with a mixture of volcanic rocks, grass fields, and Batur Lake. If you are interested in having a pre-wedding photo with the background of Mount Batur, you should arrive at the location at 9:00 AM. Due to in the afternoon the mist has come down covering the volcano.

5. Mangrove Forest Bali

Capture your love story in this forest conservation. There are a wooden tower and a long wooden broad-walk in this forest trail that are great for your photoshoot. Other than the wooden path to have the photoshoot on, there are several resting sites available in the forest, including an 11-meter-high bird watching tower, relaxation huts and a floating deck.

Photo credit by HeryPortrait

These places serve as beautiful backdrops for pre-wedding photos, it is no wonder why many couples choose to take their photos here. As the mangrove forest is in the east of Bali, it is best to arrive in the morning.

There you go! All the list of top 5 pre-wedding spots around the Island of Gods. We hope that you’ve found your pre-wedding photoshoot destination in one of them.

Featured image by bps.o via Instagram