Perfect Wedding In Bali

Bali is known to be one of the most recognized destinations in the world. This beautiful archipelago is not only notorious for its spectacular mountains or white-sanded beaches but also its location to hold a perfect wedding. Bali is now becoming one of the most famous wedding destinations in the world. The natural beauty of Bali and its culture is pertinent for couples that are looking for an exotic wedding.

Here are a few things to consider to get the most of your perfect wedding plan in Bali:

Number of guests

Knowing the number of your wedding guests will affect the budget of the wedding. Good friends, colleagues, co-working partners, and relatives are the most preferred before others. The concept of a wedding is also crucial. Is it going to be simple or grand? All these aspects need to be thought thoroughly to ensure if the concept and number of guests fit in your wedding budget.

Coordinator / planner

To get the most out of your wedding experience, it is advised to work with a Wedding planner. Professional wedding planners will arrange all the meals, beverages, florists, groomsmen & bridesmaid, and rundown. Most importantly, the wedding planner will apply for a permit from the local authority for the permission of arranging your dream wedding.


The most crucial aspect of a wedding is its Venue. Bali is home to hundreds of luxurious hotels that offers large ballrooms and garden space. However, the trend nowadays is having a wedding by the beach, or on a rooftop space. Not all venues in Bali offer a rooftop sea-view venue for a wedding. The Bandha Hotel & Suites offers a rooftop chapel with a breathtaking view of Legian beach and the ocean. This perfect location can fit up to 200 guests and is absolutely the perfect place to carve your memory of a lifetime.

Exotic scenery and ambient environment attract not only those who are getting married but also those who are looking to spend their honeymoon in this tropical archipelago.

Come to The Bandha Hotel & Suites and experience the exotic culture and belief that makes Bali. Bali.

Welcome to the heavenly island!